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Always maintain your right to silence.  Call us before you speak to the police.  

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Our firm is designed to take care of our clients during a traumatic time. That includes offering free consultations and convenient payment plans,  for our services.  That also includes attending the site to investigate how an​d where things happened, how the could have happened and how they could not have happened.  It includes listening to our clients, developing strategy with our clients and explaining what is happening and what will happen.  Most important you will feel confident and secure, because you will know that you did the right thing by hiring us.  


  • We Care, and Because We Care, We Win
  • We'll Attend Court For You
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  • We Are Available 24 Hrs, 7 days a week
  • Convenient Payment Plans​
  • Dedication, Experience and Expertise


  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Experienced Lawyers with Expertise
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  • Open Communication and Explanation
  • We believe in you​
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Possession of Dangerous Weapon, Possession of a Restricted Weapon,

Unauthorized Firearm, Careless or Improper Storage, Ammunition

Solicitation,  Pandering, Living off Avails,  Being Found-In  

Prowl By Night,  Burglary Tools, Break and Enter, Mischief, Public Mischief, 

Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving,     Careless Driving, 

Call your lawyer, before you speak to the police.   Everything you tell your lawyer is confidential.Everything you say to the police may be used against you.

All Drug Charges,   Trafficking, Production, Possession of Narcotics, Importation, Conspiracy

Fraud, Theft, Robbery, False Pretenses, Possession of Stolen Property, 

Assault, Domestic Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault

Sexual Assault 

Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence, Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Practice Areas:  Adults and Youth

When you are charged with a crime, we understand that your life has been turned upside down.  The whole weight and power of the police and the government are against you, but we can help.  We can restore the balance.  With more than four decades of combined experienced defending our clients, we have seen it all.  Over three thousand successfully defended cases can set you at ease.  We can handle your problem and make the law work for you, instead of against you.

We have experienced lawyers working day in and day out on helping people deal with the power of the state and the police. Find out how our services can help you and your family fight back.  We will listen to you. We will protect you.

Its our job to keep you safe.  We are committed to doing everything in our power to doing just that.  Let us deal with the court, and let yourself feel at ease.Here at BOGGS & LEVIN, we care and because we care we win.  Together we will work for justice.

 Experience and Expertise