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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

*Domestic Assault

The most common assault charges are between spouses.  The system splits the family to force a guilty plea for a quick resolution.  

Don't fall into this trap.  You need good lawyers on your side to make sure that you are  not run over by the machinery of the government.  

You need to fight it.  Get our experience and expertice to get you back to your family with no criminal record. 

If you are charged with Assault, Sexual Assault, or Domestic Assault, then we can help.  We have a great deal of expertise and experience dealing with Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault and all of the other assault related charges.  Call us and you will be coming to the right place. 

We are often able to resolve Domestic Assault cases without trial by getting the crown to withdraw the charges.  Occasionally because of the severity of the facts alleged or because of a previous history, domestic assault cases must go to trial.  We have also been able to convince the crown to withdraw sexual assault cases, but this is more difficult.  Still, we try to get the crown to  withdraw before we go to trial.

In Domestic Assault and Sexual Assault cases, vigorous and skillful cross examination is key to exposing the holes, in the prosecution's case. 

*Sexual Assault                           

*Sexual Interference                 

*Invitation to Sexual Touching

*Sexual Exploitation    

Government policy has encouraged false or unfounded allegations.  Often  accusations are made many years later.  The police take all all sexual assault allegations seriously.  We take your defence even more seriously.  We will be there for you. We fight against malicious charges.             

Dear Mr. Boggs

When my husband was wrongfully accused of sexual assault and when these accusations were followed up by phone calls requesting money in order to drop the charges, we knew we were in need of a lawyer! We had no idea where to start, since we have never needed the services of a criminal lawyer. Not one of our friends and family could recommend anyone to us, so my husband checked out the law firms and he decided to phone your firm based on your advert.  What a great decision that was! Upon entering your office it was obvious that this was a large and busy law firm. Your need to be continually successful in order to hire a large staff and pay rent in a prestigious building!

My husband, and subsequently myself, felt at ease with you very quickly. You are a great listener, and assessed the situation extremely well, based on what we told you, in addition to exhibiting wisdom and discernment as you analyzed my husband's demeanour and personality. You were sensitive to the fact that my husband suffers from poor health, having both cancer and heart disease, and has been highly charged and extremely emotional since the charges were brought against him. We learned that, sexual assault is one of the most common charges that lawyers deal with these days, but when it is close to home it's devastating! In light of this, you suggested (though did not insist), that my husband not take the stand due to his nervous state and is poor health. This was excellent advice since my husband ended up in hospital with heart complications a couple of weeks before the final trial date. He was far too distraught over the whole affair to take the stand and you discerned that.

Mr. Boggs, you were dynamic in court and well-focused. Even though I was the only witness for the defence, and there were several witnesses for the Crown, you proved my husband's innocence and tore down the lies that accused my husband of a false crime. It was a setup in order to blackmail him for money and this came through along with the conspiracy that had surrounded him by a group of people working in corrupt conjunction.

Mr. Boggs, we are so grateful to you for your continued encouragement and support during the difficult period of the trial. You were personable, approachable and most of all positive throughout the entire process. our trust in your ability did not disappoint, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who might be in need of a criminal lawyer. You helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life and for that wer will be forever indebted to you. Many thanks and may you continue to prosper and succeed in your law practice.


I was charged with sexual assualt by my daughter.
I have to say that I was really pleased with the service and the representation that I received from Boggs & Levin law firm. They believed in me and my defence. All the staff were helpful and Mr. Boggs listened to me and my wife, and told me that they would do everything possible. They did.
When I had difficulties in the middle of the proceedings, the firm was there for me and took care of the problems quickly and efficiently.
Bradley Pearson fought hard for me. When the judge declared a mistrial, Brad fought just as hard during the second trial. I could tell that he was determined to win the case. He did. I am free, thanks to Mr. Boggs adn Mr. Pearson.

I was charged with Manslaughter. Ms. Levin never gave up on me or my case. She hired a private investigator to find witnsses. She found doctors to analyze the medical evidence and she learned everything possible about heart conditions. Mr. Boggs' cross-examinations were incredible. He destroyed a Crown witness and got him to admit that he was looking the wrong way when the incident occurred, and even if he had been looking he right way there was a wall in the way and he could not have seen anything. Mr. Boggs found other cases where the Crown expert had testified and used what he said there against him. The submissions that Mr. Boggs made were obviously well received by the judge. He was very persuasive. I never expected anyone to fight so hard for me. They did an excellent job and got me off. I was acquitted.


I was charged with beating a man in the head with a tire iron. Mr. Boggs won my case. Mr. Boggs' cross-examination was so devastating to the prosecutors' witnesses that the judge actually said that he was sorry that I had to go through the court process.