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Past successful performance may not necessarily be indicative of future results.

I was charged with Manslaughter. Ms. Levin never gave up on me or my case. She hired a private investigator to find witnsses. She found doctors to analyze the medical evidence and she learned everything possible about heart conditions. Mr. Boggs' cross-examinations were incredible. He destroyed a Crown witness and got him to admit that he was looking the wrong way when the incident occurred, and even if he had been looking he right way there was a wall in the way and he could not have seen anything. Mr. Boggs found other cases where the Crown expert had testified and used what he said there against him. The submissions that Mr. Boggs made were obviously well received by the judge. He was very persuasive. I never expected anyone to fight so hard for me. They did an excellent job and got me off. 


"I was charged with murder, when I drove into my neighbour, and killed him [by accident].  Mr. Boggs and Ms. Levin never gave up. They fought for me hard and the jury acquitted me of all charges.  I went home to my family.  We are all so grateful." 


Thank you, for your representation.  Without you it would have been impossible to win.
Gratitude Always,"

D. T.

"When my son was charged with murder I thought that the world was ending.  I called Mr. Boggs and i knew then that it was going to be all right.  He won my son's case. He was great in court.  But he gave me confidence out of court too. "


I have to thank Ray and Rita from the bottom of my heart.  They fought so hard for me and never gave up on me.  I thought my life was over when I got charged with murder.  Ray showed that the cops were messed up and he went after the expert witness.

Thank you,  M. M.

Fortunately, when you are charged with homicide, you can have the best chances of winning your case.  This is because the laws of evidence and Charter Protections are taken most seriously, by the courts, in the most serious cases.

You always have a chance, to win your case, with a good lawyer.  What you need is that good lawyer.   You need a lawyer who has faith in you and knowledge of the fact that there is a defence and who has the experience to find it.   

At Boggs & Levin we have experience successfully defending murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, attempted murder and accessory after the fact.  We've represented both youth charged with murder and adults charged with murder; and again, both successfully.

Our entire team will fight for you.  There is hope.  You have found it.  Call us and get us working on your case.

Homicide:   Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder