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I was charged with biting someone. I am extremely satisfied with the result and service.


Past successful performance may not necessarily be indicative of future results.

HI Ray,

Last week was a wonderful week for me and Mel. I can now finally resume a normal routine in my life. Thank you very much!

The experience of the trial was something which I would never forget. Overall, I was impressed with the way you handled the case. In terms of defending me, you were able to raise a lot of doubts on the complainant's story. The areas you covered were her memory, the logistic of events, her honesty, and her flip-flops. In terms of preparing me for trial, I felt I was well supported by you in answering all the relevant questions honestly and in the straight forward fashion.

Thanks again very, very much!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you helped me with during, before and after my trial. Your knowledge, preparation and execution ad a wonderful impact to win this case. Not only were you prepared for this case, but the way you explained it to me and made me answer the questions in the right way and right manner. I am so thankful to you for your knowledge in the case. Also I wish you good luck in the future. I am confident that you will be a famous and popular criminal lawyer in the future.


To Whom It May Concern:

I, Mina Georgoplous, have complete confidence in regards to the law firm of Boggs & Levin. Mr. Boggs has represented me as well as my son. As far Mr. Boggs and his firm are concerned, he and they are the best in my opinion.


Hey Ray!

Thought you should know that Brad did a great job in St. Thomas. Although it was long and tedious, it went well and regardless of the verdict, which will be given shortly, I don't regret electing to proceed to trial. Would you please post the enclosed.


Counsel's performance made me feel relaxed while I was in court. I felt confident that he prepared a good defence. I thank counsel for his find work,. I thank Boggs and Levin for taking on my case.


I was charged with multiple counts of indictable offences, including fraud, obtaining credit by false pretences as well as uttering forged documents.

Based on my background and the facts, Ray Boggs and his team developed a plan of attack, eventually resulting in all but two of the charges being withdrawn and setting me free.

I am extremely happy with the outcome and to put this chapter behind me. Ray Boggs and his team were kind and non-judgmental and made themselves available to me whenever I needed them. I highly recommend them and have no regrets regarding this entire experience.


I am very grateful for the services Ray Boggs and the firm have done for me. Absolutely professional in every way. Because of him I am able to have contact with my son, and continue to work. My deepest regards.

Thank you!


Dear Mr. Boggs

When my husband was wrongfully accused of sexual assault and when these accusations were followed up by phone calls requesting money in order to drop the charges, we knew we were in need of a lawyer! We had no idea where to start, since we have never needed the services of a criminal lawyer. NOne of our friends and family could recommend anyone to us, so my husband checked out the law firms in the Yellow Pages and he decided to phone your firm based on your advert. (The Yellow Pages does work!) What a great decision that was! Upon entering your office it was obvious that this was a large and busy law firm. Your need to be continually successful in order to hire a large staff and pay rent in a prestigious building!

My husband, and subsequently myself, felt at ease with you very quickly. You are a great listener, and assessed the situation extremely well, based on what we told you, in addition to exhibiting wisdom and discernment as you analyzed my husband's demeanour and personality. You were sensitive to the fact that my husband suffers from poor health, having both cancer and heart disease, and has been highly charged and extremely emotional since the charges were brought against him. We learned that, sexual assault is one of the most common charges that lawyers deal with these days, but when it is close to home it's devastating! In light of this, you suggested (though did not insist), that my husband not take the stand due to his nervous state and is poor health. This was excellent advice since my husband ended up in hospital with heart complications a couple of weeks before the final trial date. He was far too distraught over the whole affair to take the stand and you discerned that.

Mr. Boggs, you were dynamic in court and well-focused. Even though I was the only witness for the defence, and there were several witnesses for the Crown, you proved my husband's innocence and tore down the lies that accused my husband of a false crime. It was a setup in order to blackmail him for money and this came through along with the conspiracy that had surrounded him by a group of people working in corrupt conjunction.

Mr. Boggs, we are so grateful to you for your continued encouragement and support during the difficult period of the trial. You were personable, approachable and most of all positive throughout the entire process. our trust in your ability did not disappoint, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who might be in need of a criminal lawyer. You helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life and for that wer will be forever indebted to you. Many thanks and may you continue to prosper and succeed in your law practice.



I was charged with sexual assualt by my daughter.

I have to say that I was really pleased with the service and the representation that I received from Boggs & Levin law firm. They believed in me and my defence. All the staff were helpful and Mr. Boggs listened to me and my wife, and told me that they would do everything possible. They did.

When I had difficulties in the middle of the proceedings, the firm was there for me and took care of the problems quickly and efficiently.

Bradley Pearson fought hard for me. When the judge declared a mistrial, Brad fought just as hard during the second trial. I could tell that he was determined to win the case. He did. I am free, thanks to Mr. Boggs adn Mr. Pearson.


Just wanted to thank you for handling my case. I appreciated your suppor and avice throughout. Hopefully, I will never need your services against, however, if I do I'll know who to call or recommend should anyone ever ask me.

Best regards,


Mr. Boggs,

You did a great job, as I have no words to explain it. It was I who got frustrated and lost hope, but it was you who came very optimistically all along the road, and finally you did it. I don't know how I should say thanks to you for all the hard working support you gave to me. Please whenever you have a chance, have lunch with me and my family. 


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. All of your hard work and dedication put towards my case. The fact that you were more concerned about me than the money meant a lot to me. You are a really good lawyer, you work very hard and you were there for me every moment I had a question or just wanted to talk. I felt really confident having you as my lawyer, felt like I had nothing to worry about and that everythiing would work out for the best. It did. You proved my innocence and got me my life back. Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude towards what you have done. I can now being to repair the life that i had lost for the last 3 years. I would recommend you to anyone that is in trouble with the law regardless of their situation. You are an amazing lawyer. I am honestly lost for words but to summarize everything. Thank you, Mr. Boggs


Dear Mr. Boggs,

I am writing to you for two reasons - both to thank you and also to congratulate you.

First of all, I wish to thank you very much for your timely advice for me to remain silent at the police station. Your very clear indication that I was not to volunteer any information was very important to me -- not, to be fair, that any pressure to do so was put on me; the police were very polite.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on your acquisition of the services of Mr. Bradley Pearson. I, completely lost in in the mysteries of criminal law, found him to be quite lucid, able and helpful. All of his predictions adn assessments of my situation proved to be accurate and he handled the case, which completely left me at sea, deftly and with great expertise. The judge praised his performance.

Once again, thank you very much indeed.


Choosing the right lawyer is the most important thing you have to do if you are charged in criminal offence. Boggs and Levin were recommended by my friend and I am glad I followed that advice.

Boggs and Levin team did an awesome job in representing my brother who was charged in 4 counts of sexual assault.

My brother was dating a girl and when he decided to break up with her, as a revenge, she accused him in sexually assaulting her. My brother was arrested. At that time he did not know that keeping silence is the best solution during police interrogation. So, trying to prove his innocence, he provided police officer with evidence, which was actually used against him. As a result, the police officer decided to put him in jail, as they thought there is a high flight risk and that my brother would leave the country and fly back to our country of origin.

During the bail hearing Brady Cunningham did a great job by proving there is no flight risk and that it is safe to let my brother stay free before trial, so my brother was released.

Then long year and half followed, during which Boggs and Levin team tried to dismiss the case. Last week I received a call from Mr. Raymond Boggs  who told me the great news - the crown withdrew the charges against my brother.

I am truly thankful to Boggs and Levin team for everything they did!

I would like also to express my special gratitude to Mr. Boggs. He has an outstanding personality, he is caring, reliable, and friendly. He has that special charisma which you feel from the very first moment you talk to him. He is definitely a great lawyer!

Mr. Boggs, thank you very much for all you help, support and for being so patient with me when I was asking you so many questions and sharing my fears, and concerns.



Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

Dear Mr. Ray:

This is to inform you of what an exceptional job Mr. Brad Pearson has done for me at the trial. Retaining your firm was the best decision I have ever made, and having an attorney like him is the best defence. During the trial, he was straight to the point with the use of appropriate words and perfect pitch of tone throughout all the proceedings. He did an awesome job. i could say to that, not only I, who has little knowledge about trial proceedings, but the experts (Police Officers, Crown and even the Judge too) were also impressed with him. He is passionate about his profession and a great human being. He explained everything to me in very simple language so that I could understand. Before the trial, he sat with me for hours and cleared all my doubts and concerns. I can not thank him enough for saving my life. May God bless him and give him all the best in life. I will definitely recommend your law firm services to others who would face the same circumstances. Mr. Brad Pearson is definitely an asset of your firm.

Thank you again.


I never thought that I would be in a position where I would have to be represented by a criminal lawyer. I was charged with Uttering Forged Document and my changes were dropped. Many thanks to Bradley Pearson and Vladimir Pavlov for not treating me like a criminal and making me feel at ease and comfortable. I would recommend their services to anyone facing legal difficulty. Bradley and Vladimir once again, thank you so much.


Dear Sir: Following my court appearance last March 17, I wish to thank you and Mr. Bradley Pearson for the way the case was handled. I hope to not ever find myself in a similar situation again. Wishing you and Mr. Pearson all the best in the future, I remain sincerely yours.


I was charged with Manslaughter. Ms. Levin never gave up on me or my case. She hired a private investigator to find witnsses. She found doctors to analyze the medical evidence and she learned everything possible about heart conditions. Mr. Boggs' cross-examinations were incredible. He destroyed a Crown witness and got him to admit that he was looking the wrong way when the incident occurred, and even if he had been looking he right way there was a wall in the way and he could not have seen anything. Mr. Boggs found other cases where the Crown expert had testified and used what he said there against him. The submissions that Mr. Boggs made were obviously well received by the judge. He was very persuasive. I never expected anyone to fight so hard for me. They did an excellent job and got me off. I was acquitted. 


I was charged with beating a man in the head with a tire iron. Mr. Boggs won my case. Mr. Boggs' cross-examination was so devastating to the prosecutors' witnesses that the judge actually said that he was sorry that I had to go through the court process.


I never thought that I would be in a position where I would have to be represented by a criminal lawyer. So when I started facing legal problems, I knew I could only rely on the best. Rita Levin handled the situation very swiftly and efficiently. Her knowledge, experience, and sympathy towards my situation made me feel at ease and comfortable. I am very fortunate to have met her and I would recommend her services to anybody facing legal difficulty. Thank you for your support and understanding at such a difficult time, it is much appreciated.



I'd like to congratulate you on our victory. As I understand:

- The Crown has withdrawn/dropped all charges against me;

- I am a free man with no obligations or restrictions regarding this case;

- I no longer have any of ht bail conditions imposed on me.

Also, I'd like to thank, Jose Parades as well as the rest of the staff of Boggs and levin for representing me during this case, and always presenting to me the best options available to me.


Just wanted to express my undying gratitude to Brad Pearson for his support during my recent criminal trial. HIs defence was aggressive and professional and he got the charges dismissed. He was also empathetic and treated me like a human being. For that I am eternally grateful.


Dear Mr. Boggs,

I wanted to take this opportunity to hank you and your firm for the outstanding work that has been done on my behalf recently with respect to my case. Having been wrongly charged with "mischief" left me wondering what to do at first, however, after reading about Boggs & Levin, I decided to take the next step and use your services. Subsequent to my telephone conversation with mr. Pavlov, I had been reassured that based on the information discussed, I should feel confident of ending up with a positive result. Moreover, following your initial meeting you had left me with no doubt that I had come to the right place.

The lawyer that was assigned to my case was Mr. Paredes. Throughout the court process, he constantly said that he was determined to exonerate me from this charge. Sure enough, with the precision of a surgeon he dissected the prosecutor's false allegations and ultimately ended up with the desired result of a "not guilty" verdict. After congratulating Mr. Parades on a job well done, I also indicated my great satisfaction in having chosen your firm to defend me in this matter. Clearly, Boggs & Levin is what it professes to be, one of the best.



I want to thank your firm for all the work they did to help my son, Sonny, to get released from the Don Jail. Thank you Raymond Boggs and a very special thank you to Brad Pearson. He did an outstanding job and I hope his career as a lawyer is a long and prosperous one. He is very good at his job and woks very closely with his clients and their families. He made us all very happy and gave me back my son. Sony is doing great, has settled down and is looking for an apartment of his own is working with his probation officer. He will be going for an MAR Assessment in early January. I hope you and Brad had a wonderful holiday season. Again, I can't thank you enough for your services and expertise.


I have been a client of the Boggs and Levin firm for 5 years now. Ms. Levin has defended me on numerous occasions and proved her competency time and time again. The reason I haven't switched lawyers is simple. Ms. Levin is effective, professional and courteous. She has defended me in front of different judges, has pleaded and argued with carious Crowns, has gotten me out of jail three times, and prevented me from having a permanent record. The Boggs & Levin firm has extended me a hand when I was in a deep hole ... I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me. I don't know how they do it, but results speak for themselves. They truly are experts in the field. I am 19 years old now, on probation, and with a golden opportunity to get my life back in order. I do not know where I'd be right now if it weren't for Ms. Levin.


Hi Ray,

I am writing today to express my appreciation for your service. As you know that the untruthful charge against me was dismissed on the trial date of March 8. I thank you , Heather and other colleagues of the firm. I have filed a private complaint and I would like to discuss with you if I should decide to go ahead. Is there a negative impact for this? If so, what is the procedure and possible result according to your judgment etc.? I may call you either the following Saturday or early next week.


Mr. Boggs,

You were really brilliant at the time of cross-examination, which led the judge to come to the conclusion of what actually happened!


My family and I would like to take this opportunity to express our many thanks to you and your staff for outstanding representation and support. When you called to inform me that the charges of assault with a weapon and mischief has been withdrawn, I was relieved beyond measure. Words cannot express my appreciation for your work with the Crown to have my charges withdrawn. All of you at Boggs & Levin brought a sense of calm and security to me at a very turbulent time in my life for which I am so grateful. I know without a shadow of doubt that you had my best interest truly at heart. IN the future, I hope to never need a criminal defence attorney, but if that time comes to pass, I will not hesitate to contact you -- or refer you to a friend in need. Thank you so much.


Dear Bradley,

I am writing you today to express my gratitude for your support during this trying time in my life. Over the last years, you and Boggs & Levin have always kept me well informed about the processes involved and what options are available and most recommendable to me. I have valued your advice and clarity. Now, as the courts have concluded in my favour and the burden and stress come to an end, i really want to thank you for your work and guidance. I can condiently recommend you and Boggs & Levin to anyone in need of legal service. Thank you again and best wishes to you.



Mr. Boggs got my case fully dismissed by asking the right questions. He effortlessly brought flaws in the witness testimony to light, so quickly, in fact, that the judge did not even ask for any statements of evidence from our side. You can put your full confidence in Mr. Boggs, knowing that he is a master at this profession and has your best interests in mind. 



I am writing to say that I am overly satisfied with the representation provided to me by the law firm of Boggs & levin and would gladly recommend their services to other patrons as needed.


I was arrested by the police for murder. I called Mr. Boggs, who was available all through the night to me, and kept me reassured that maintaining my right to silence was the right thing to do. Eventually, thanks to Mr. Boggs' good and consistent advice, I was released without being charged.


I believe that the law firm of Boggs & Levin handled my case in a very professional and satisfactory fashion. During an extremely trying time, they were able to assist me in achieving desirable results. I am very thankful for the assistance.

I had been charged with weapons offences x 2, assault of a peach officer, impaired over over 80 mg, and breach x3, and due to their assistance received no criminal conviction.


I was charged with sexual assualt. Boggs & Levin got the charges withdrawn quickly. They explained things to me and were polite and courteous. They never treated me as if I was guilty and they believed in me and my innocence. I thank Mr. Boggs and all of his staff, who were always available and who kept me informed.